R A Y Brower

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"Stuck here in Cheyenne" We as a band started playing together in the middle of January. Brandon on vocals/drums. Seneca on vocals/guitar, Paul on bass. ...Brandon and Seneca have been playing together since Clinton was in office. They were the core of Arkham/Napier. Together they have co-written some of the finest punk rock to come out of Cheyenne. After disbanding in 2004, Seneca joined Stolen Faith a hardcore outfit in the high plains that included future bassist Paul. After Stolen Faith's demise, Seneca began playing again with long time friend Brandon. They started creating a music in a different vein of Napier but with the same ferocity, maybe even more. Paul joined the band in the middle of January quickly learning and adding his helping hands to the mix. Barely over a month later they played thier first show, recorded a quick demo, started to let thier name be heard again as Cheyenne's newest band with some of it's most experienced players. Welcome to the world of Ray Brower.